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porn star_004 hair; posh, crush in love
ears; aitui, type 2 stretched ears 1″
top; t.junction, skull tee
ice cream; acid & mala, oopsy ice cream in strawberry
bracelets; shade throne (r), 80’s bangles, the plastik, friendship twist in sea gatcha
skirt; absolution, delila mini skirt in light
socks; surf co., wool socks in pink
shoes; urban bomb unit, pornstar lo-tops
pose; olive juice

porn star_005 hair; posh, I’m a hipster in dirty blonde
bandaid; the gl, punk bandaid
top; intrigue co., free hugs tee
bag; beauty killer, punk as fuck shoulder bag
belt; taboo, turntable wrap
pants;, low rise jeans in midnight
shoes; urban bomb unit, pornstar lo-tops
pose&gun; olive juice

porn star_006 hair; posh, superficial redux in haze
headphones; jbx, free
glasses; donna flora, jackieo glasses in cream free for the euphoria hunt
jacket; young urban, orange hoodie,
tank; razorblade jacket, night owl tank
bracelets; loulou&co (r), full metal jacket, virtual insanity, into the bloom
smokes; fnky, cigarette II
waist; reek, fanny pack in yellow
pants; miseria, delirium jeans in storm
shoes; urban bomb unit, pornstar lo-tops
pose; olive juice

shot @ S.I.C49


elven slut_001
hair; posh, push and shove in caramel
skin; the plastik, lionheart-pale-serial killer, free for the serial killer hunt
eyes; the plastik,, bloodless-silver for, free for the serial killer hunt
shape; (amperlope), what a shame mary jane
ears; the plastik, lionheart-elven ear, free for the serial killer hunt
earrings; dv8, emergency injection earrings, free
mouthpiece; {phresh}, heart-a-cide nom
dress; acid & mala; hole clothing line-black&red brocade dress
nipple tape; (amperlope), part of underwear set for upcoming lazy sunday
bangles; loulou&co, full metal jacket (R), virtual/insanity, into the bloom (L)
nails; virtual/insanity, eye rings & nails, past hunt prize
boots; ducknipple, smug in black, past hunt prize
poses; teasoup
elven slut_002

and for the piece de resistance, glow in the mother fuckin’dark eyes:
elven slut_003

shot @ macbeth
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