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the new short sleeve henley’s from arawra (rebranding to absolution) come in heavenly colour packs. in a virtual world dominated by dark colours, pops of unexpected colour are a refreshing, and cheery, change:
mmmunfgh colours

hair; elikatira, rush in blonde 007
skin; dutch touch, jolie cream in smokey
shape; (amperlope), hold tight carol
top; arawra/absolution, short sleeve henley (available in 4 colour packs, autumn, girly, basics, and blue/green)
pants; koqstar, worn out jean
pose; no strings attached (top), olive juice (bellow)

of course, can’t forget purple :
don't forget the purple


[21:04] ZaKa: im wearing an emo sweater irl
[21:04] ZaKa: wanna know why it’s emo
[21:04] ZaKa: cuz it has fuckin stripes
[21:04] ZaKa: on it

stripes aren't just for emo's

hair; posh, sweet in peanut butter
skin; babel
shape & lashes; (amperlope), go go go little queenie
scarf; adjunct, sail away scarf colour change [plain]
cardigan; hoot, cropped cardigan
dress; a-bomb, cold embrace dress in cyan
socks; hai hina
shoes; kookie, autumn in pink
poses; posies

from monday the 20th until sunday the 26th, old stock of (amperlope) shapes and makeup will be 50% off. you can take advantage of these deals in world @ the rumor or online on the marketplace (great for gifting *hint hint*).

(amperlope) shapes_002 all shapes by (amperlope) include a modifiable shape, a modifiable skirt shape, pre-fitted prim lashes, an alpha layer to hide annoying system lashes, and a styling card.
hair; posh
skin; mother goose
top; (amperlope) for the white elephant event
poses; .tea

(amperlope) shapes_001 poses; olive juice

(amperlope) bulletproof bandit : makeup setmakeup sets by (amperlope) come on a viewer 2 tattoo layer, and include 1 pair of prim lashes and an alpha layer to hide pesky system lashes
hair; posh
skin; fashionably dead
eyes; (amperlope)
pose; no strings attached

reminder, you can still pick up the transferable “I love chicks with hairy pits” sweatshirt from (amperlope) for the white elephant event @ the rumor for only 30L.

I had been wanting to do some sort of post about the very awesome [w]under, so when the very lovely and kind sylvia olivier of coffeesmoke sent me the fucking epic and raw gos boots that will make you cream your jeans. I stepped to it.

doc rocker

hair; posh, crush in peanut butter
skin; mother goose, jeanne set a for the euphoria 50L three day sale
makeup; (amperlope), bulletproof bandit in grape
glasses; tasty
top; arawra, drop waist henley
pants; koqstar, worn out dark wash jeans
boots; gos, docs v2 in purple
pose; posies

give to get

left to right:
hair; posh, wait in hazelnut & blush in mustard
skin; mother goose, jeanne set a for the euphoria 50L three day sale
makeup; (amperlope), bulletproof bandit in grape
glasses; tasty
top; [w]under, forgive to forget tee for a very depraved christmas & SOULmate tee
pants; koqstar, worn out in dark wash
poses; .tea

hey hey hey! starting today, participating stores @ the rumor will be setting out goofy, wacky and fun filled transferable items for 50L and under in anticipation of the rumor’s white elephant party on the 23rd! stock up on goodies to pass to your friends!

(amperlope) is offering a transferable sweatshirt that can be enjoyed by the ladies AND fellas, for only 30L each. a fatty pack containing one transferable girly sweatshirt and one transferable macho sweatshirt is available for 50L.

(amperlope) hairy pit chicks : girly sweatshirt
(amperlope) hairy pit chicks : macho sweatshirt


hair – posh, blush in peanut butter
skin – fashionably dead, princess 2
makeup – (amperlope), electric imploder for zombiepopcorn brand
lashes – (amperlope), fanatic rush for zombiepopcorn brand
shape – (amperlope), shazam glam leslie hall
sweatshirt – emery, reno sweater, update group gift
pants- a-bomb, star skinny jeans
socks – surf co., old freebie
shoes- shiny things, delphines pumps, subscribo gift
reindeer – stray pig, lucky board prize


photos shot at embryo

christmas elves aren’t the only ones who’ve been keeping busy, (amperlope) has been working on all sorts of goodies and events. lazy sunday being one of them!!

for only 75L this sunday the 12th, everyone can pick up a new makeup set with prim eyelashes and the always useful alpha layer to hide pesky system lashes. little elves have been whispering that impatient early birds can go scoop it up now… only from (amperlope) @ the rumor

(amperlope) twiglett makeup set for lazy sunday!

get a peek at what’s to come from (amperlope) with the makeup sampler pack for the zombiepopcorn brand!! three new hand-drawn tattoo layer makeups and a pair of prim lashes (includes an alpha layer to hide system lashes, of course),┬ábundled┬átogether for only 250L!

available at all three zombiepopcorn locations:
zombiepopcorn @ depraved nation
zombiepopcorn @ sassy city
zombiepopcorn @ sketch pad

(amperlope) makeup sampler for zombiepopcorn brand