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butthurt report form


pennelope’s blog has turned out to be a smashing success, if the measure of success is number of people she’s managed to piss off. I’m so proud of her ❤

anywhoo, a few shapes are in the works, something along the lines of clarabella's half-sister maybe.

while I'm twerking on those, I'll have to think of more interesting things to use this blog for. do any of my two and 1/2 readers have any suggestions? I'm thinking good freebie finds and neat places to visit/take pictures at.

I just wanted to see if I could do it.

I can. Duh.

But guess what!!??! My good old buddy pal pennelope thiessam started a blog! Hers is better than mine so go check it out!
The URL is something like,

I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.

alright so I’ve got this stupid idea in my head to have a flickr AND a blog AND a flickr for the brand I’ve co-created with my friends AND a blog for THAT as well. someone tell me I’m crazy and to stop this at once, please?
who am I kidding? no one is reading this. I’ll just amuse myself with narcissistic self quoting then:[23:39] Ampersand Artful: if you were around more often i could take more pictures and photoshop dildos onto them