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the depraved & luckless hunt is upon us, and (amperlope) is participating!! starting on march the 10th, lucky and unlucky hunters alike can pick up these athletic unisex socks & knee highs in shamrock green for free from (amperlope) @ the rumor! the hunt ends on the 30st, so don’t take too long, otherwise you’ll be S.O.L.

(amperlope) for depraved & luckless hunt


(amperlope) ka-pow! : lashes

drop by (amperlope) @ the rumor this sunday, the 6th, to nab these fab new lash sets for 50L each! both sets include 2 variations of lashes, and a modifiable alpha layer to hide those super annoying system lashes.

(amperlope) wham bam! : lashes

(amperlope)’s offering for the upcoming lazy sunday are two new sets of eyes; aquamarine slur and violent violet slur. drop by (amperlope) on the 27th to pick them up for 50L each, because after sunday, they will be full price!


hair; posh, envy in carrot
skin; tuli, audrey tone 2/copper, former free gift
shape & lashes; (amperlope), eleanor rigby lives in a dream
eyes; (amperlope), aquamarine slur
pose; exposeur

hair; wildo, ann in blue, former free gift
skin; mother goose, hena(2)a0, free from lucky board
shape & lashes; (amperlope), sexy sadie rule breaker
eyes; (amperlope), violent violet slur
piercings; hod, dimpled piercing in razor, 9L for depraved valentine hunt
pose; teasoup


(amperlope) makeover in a box for lazy sunday!

it’s a dick makeover in a box kit from (amperlope)! two pairs of lashes! a pair of eyes in two sizes plus prim versions!! a modifiable shape & skirt shape!!! only 75L this sunday!!!! GO GO GO GO GET IT GO GO GO!

alright, enough with the teasing and holding out. f’reals this time. (amperlope) is participating in lazy sunday this week, and the items being set out are the much clamored for GIRLIE BRIEFS!
available in three different colours for 75L each, come and get ’em while they’re hot, because after sunday, they will be sold at the normal price of 100 million L. kidding.

(amperlope) undie set for lazy sunday

(amperlope) shapes
all (amperlope) shapes are modifiable and include a skirt shape, pre-fitted prim lashes, modifiable alpha layer to hide stubby system lashes, and a style card, all for only 295L

(amperlope) line art makeup
(amperlope) makeups are 40L per colour, or 100L for a fatty pack of all three

(amperlope) electric imploder makeup
(amperlope) makeups are 40L per colour, or 100L for a fatty pack of all three

(amperlope) lashes
lastly, (amperlope) lashes include a modifiable alpha layer to hide system lashes, and are 40L each, or 130L for a fatty pack of all four

if you’re wondering where you can nab your own pair of neon boy briefs and nipple tape, word on the street is (amperlope) will be offering them up this coming lazy sunday…

long ago, in a sex loft far, far away, three sexy bitches decided one fateful wednesday to boldly go where no pant-clad girl had gone before; bottomless wednesday.
oh yes. it would be beautiful, a land filled with happy, carefree, pantsless people. a utopia striking down the restrictive pants overlords people were once slaves to.
join ampy sauce & the rumor in bringing back BOTTOMLESS WEDNESDAY!!!

underwear wednesday_003
hair; posh, naive in chocolate
skin; dutch touch, jolie cream in smokey
ears; aitui, type 2 stretched ear human 1″
shape; (amperlope), go go go little queenie
lashes; (amperlope), go go go little queenie basic pre-fit lashes
nipple tape; cx, plain black
underwear; (amperlope), girlie briefs in venom berry & blue flamingo, coming soon
poses; glitterati (top), no strings attached (bottom)
underwear wednesday_004

hey hey hey! starting today, participating stores @ the rumor will be setting out goofy, wacky and fun filled transferable items for 50L and under in anticipation of the rumor’s white elephant party on the 23rd! stock up on goodies to pass to your friends!

(amperlope) is offering a transferable sweatshirt that can be enjoyed by the ladies AND fellas, for only 30L each. a fatty pack containing one transferable girly sweatshirt and one transferable macho sweatshirt is available for 50L.

(amperlope) hairy pit chicks : girly sweatshirt
(amperlope) hairy pit chicks : macho sweatshirt

christmas elves aren’t the only ones who’ve been keeping busy, (amperlope) has been working on all sorts of goodies and events. lazy sunday being one of them!!

for only 75L this sunday the 12th, everyone can pick up a new makeup set with prim eyelashes and the always useful alpha layer to hide pesky system lashes. little elves have been whispering that impatient early birds can go scoop it up now… only from (amperlope) @ the rumor

(amperlope) twiglett makeup set for lazy sunday!

get a peek at what’s to come from (amperlope) with the makeup sampler pack for the zombiepopcorn brand!! three new hand-drawn tattoo layer makeups and a pair of prim lashes (includes an alpha layer to hide system lashes, of course), bundled together for only 250L!

available at all three zombiepopcorn locations:
zombiepopcorn @ depraved nation
zombiepopcorn @ sassy city
zombiepopcorn @ sketch pad

(amperlope) makeup sampler for zombiepopcorn brand