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so I’ve seen these around on the internet before, and I never really got what the deal was. so I finally decided to go to the damn site and check it out. I just about busted a gut from laughing. here’s some of my favorites (there are other animals available, insanity wolf is the best jsyk):

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I won’t be posting anything today, because I’ll be too busy laughing at the kendra wilkinson sex tape. oh, and I’ve nothing worth blogging.

have a gif of justin bieber getting pwned by a revolving door. not the actual video. just the gif. I’m lazy, remember?!

warning, depending on your level of animosity towards twilight, the following video might not safe for life.

I’ve done my best to avoid all things twilight. I can’t even participate in anything twilight for the sake of good old fashioned hipsteresque irony, because everything about the franchise is cringe worthy. unfortunately, twatlight has a way of occasionally creeping in through that sliding door I never lock, donkey punching me, and dragging my soul down into the firey pits of screaming fan girl hell. now all I can think about is, “does their jizz sparkle too?”

I’d never heard or seen an insane clown posse song or video before, and I never want to again, because I’m afraid it will never, ever, ever, never, live up to my expectations set by this:

it’s so beautiful it hurts.