hair; shag, siren in bistre for the chic limited event
hairbase; analog dog, hairbase in brunette, free
skin; tuli, zoe in pale, free for the timeless treasures hunt
shape; (amperlope), eleanor rigby lives in a dream
eyes; (amperlope), aquamarine slur
lipstick; mons, sandie lipstick series in purple for pure juice event
cuts; chelle, injuries j’black scars in monday & wednesday for pure juice
earring; g field, heart earring in pink, past hunt item
jacket; aoharu, no collar jacket in red, 50L for the fashion garret
dress; magoa, risque rossini dress for pure juice
nails; rezlpsa loc, striped nails in black & yellow
shoes; purrfect 10, serenity rose heels in amethyst, free for the timeless treasures hunt
poses; helamiyo for pure juice


shot @ the crack den