hair; (love), jade in light ginger, 70L for the fashion garret
skin; glance skins, louisa red, free for the euphoria hunt
shape; (amperlope), eleanor rigby lives in a dream
top; milk motion, my sailor tank in red, free for the euphoria hunt
necklace; frippery/birds of a feather, croire/olive flora necklace in gold
brooch; croire, diy stitched mustache brooch
ring; concrete flowers, nan’s pincushion ring 1
nails; rezlpsa loc, polka dot nails in teal & lavender
skirt; the secret store, froufrou in toffee, free for the euphoria hunt
leggings; croire, sheer pattern leggings 10
socks; mocha, knit socks with flat, past hunt item
shoes; add andel, sparkle flats in light ruby red
pose & bird; phresh, I gotta birdie


shot @ untroubled sound