there’s this dude I know, mayo. despite our relationship consisting of not being friends, humping mudkips, mild verbal abuse, arguing about the neccessity of ampersands, and innuendos about oral sex, we get along well enough for him to link me some pretty cool stuff sometimes. I now share with you what has been shared with me. seriously. click the damn links. or I’ll send my llama after you.

5). church drum and bass rave. lol, church goers. lol.
glow sticks are optional

4). deadmau5, strobe. beautiful, dreamy, lovely. le sigh.

3). hot chip, I feel better. the song is smooth and the video is wtf. two of my favorite things. youtube is fucking lame and won’t let me imbed. fuck you, youtube.
I feel better

2). the xx, shelter. for the sake of continuity, I’m not embedding these either. there’s nothing else to say besides: the xx <333456789
shelter (death to the throne remix)

1). dance floor dale. this one gets major points for being directed by one half of the tim & eric duo. also, for explicit sex scenes.
dance floor dale